MadeGood X Unwreck the Future

MadeGood – the North American-based organic snack bar brand - and its partner agencies were ready to launch an innovative and thought-provoking campaign called “Un-Wreck The Future” designed to bring the Company’s mission to do good to life by raising awareness of the serious issues affecting our society today, including food insecurity. From planning to strategy, execution, and media awareness-driving, Coast PR played an integral role in the success of this multinational campaign, earning a media audience reach of 326M across the U.S. and Canada in just three months.


MadeGood’s “Un-Wreck the Future” brand campaign was a compelling and thought-provoking storytelling opportunity, which highlighted concern for our world’s future and asks kids whether they can make a difference. To make the “Un-Wreck the Future” campaign – which included a 60-second hero spot with online/digital applications – a social and earned media success story, Coast PR needed something to generate interest and talkability. Once the public was aware of the major problem of food insecurity, what should they do to help? Why should they care? Why should the media be interested in another social responsibility campaign?


Enter the “Un-Wrecking Crew” – a totally new idea created by the PR teams to offer both a face and a call to action for the campaign and designed to further the interest in the campaign beyond the 60-second spot. The team crafted a content strategy built around identifying real-life changemakers – campaign Ambassadors (small-town youths doing good things in their community) and Champions (well-known social media stars with an already existing commitment to change, positivity, and growth) – and created a call to action for the public to join our “Un-Wrecking Crew” a group of youth across North America who are raising awareness of the issue of food insecurity and making a difference.



  • Activated a comprehensive media and social media campaign for our four international Ambassadors, each of them making a difference in food insecurity issues, and our eight influencer Champions, all aligned with the brand’s values and the purpose of the campaign.
  • Created a website to gather the Un-Wrecking Crew submissions and set out sharing the story of the initiative with a concerted push to national, local, and regional media outlets.
  • Activated both social media (paid and earned) and traditional earned media activations and engagement, each designed to garner interest from the public.
  • Created social media content calendars for Ambassadors and Champions.
  • Launched a North American Businesswire news release.
  • Announce a second news release on the selection of the crew.



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